Docteur Ingénieur Nano Matériaux, Physique Chimie Pyrotechnie PhD Engineer Nano Materials, Physics Chemistry Pyrotechnic


Material Science, Crystallization, Sol-Gel, Spray, Fine particle analysis, Building and improving test benches, Biological MTS assay, SOP devt & improvt, Data Science
XRD, FT-IR, UV-Vis (& DRS), Raman, AFM, TEM, SEM, XPS, BET, DLS-Zeta, Phase Doppler Interferometry, DSC, TGA, GC, HPLC, AAS, NMR, pH, Ion, Conductivity & Oxygen Measurements, Pyrotechnic sensitivity tests
Chemistry, Nano Particles, Pressure systems , LASER , Ionizing radiation , Pyrotechnic , ATEX, Fire Extinguisher
Team working, Project leader, Driving force, Fast learner, Community spirit
3D creation, Advanced office automation, Data management & analysis
Patent – Method for producing cocrystals by means of flash evaporation

WO 2016001445 PCT/EP2015/065335

Work experiences

PhD student

Strasbourg University – Nanomatériaux pour des Systèmes Sous Sollicitations Extrêmes (NS3E, UMR 3208) – French-German Defense Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL)

October 2013 – October 2016 (3 years) Saint-Louis, France

Toward Particle Size Reduction by Spray Flash Evaporation: the case of organic energetic crystals and cocrystals

Dr HDR Denis Spitzer, laboratory director ( Worked with Dr MCF Lobry ( & Dr HDR Pichot (
Control and understanding of the crystallization and flash evaporation, Phase Doppler Interferometry, Rietveld refinement, innovation (ergonomic, versatility etc.) and design of an SFE test bench (hydraulic, vacuum, spray)
cross-functional skillsProject leader assistant on the SFE technology (apparatuses and community), managed a CNRS call for tender (90k), talks at international congresses, exhibitor at the 2016 Eurosatory (Defence and Security International Exhibition), management of interns, work in a bi-national institute for Defense, database of experiments from the literature and the laboratory


Research Project Assistant

Internship at Institut de chimie et procédés pour l’énergie, l’environnement et la santé ICPEES UMR 7515, previously LSMPC

April 2013 – September 2013 (6 months) Strasbourg, France

Plasmonic effect applied for the photo oxidation of volatile organic compounds in atmosphere. Parametric study of the synthesis and deposition and Effect of the Au NP size and content on the Photocatalysis properties of TiO2.

Dr HDR Valérie Spitzer Keller, and director of the Dept. Photocatalysis and Nanostructures ( & Dr Valérie Caps bronze medal 2008 of the CNRS (

Synthesis of Au NP, Deposition on TiO2, Photocatalysis of VOCs by TiO2 w/ Au NP, particles counting, UV-visible, XRD, BET, SEM, TEM, XPS, TGA, DSC, µGC
Handling a test bench for tubular photocatalysis experiments on VOCs, autonomy


Research Project Assistant

Internship at Institut de chimie et procédés pour l’énergie, l’environnement et la santé ICPEES UMR 7515, previously LSMPC

April 2012 – August 2012 (4 months) Strasbourg, France

Effects of the morphology and Photocatalysis properties of TiO2 applied to the destruction of cancer cells
Dr HDR Valérie Spitzer Keller, director of the Dept. Photocatalysis and Nanostructures ( & Dr Gaelle Carré from the Laboratoire de Biophotonique et Pharmacologie
Sol-Gel Synthesis and doping of TiO2, UV-visible, XRD, BET, SEM, XPS, Zetametry, Biological MTS assay
Fast learning of the constrains of biological experiments, integration into two new laboratory teams, autonomy, finding and mastering new scientific software


Engineer Assistant

Internship at CRITT Matériaux Alsace

June 2011 – July 2011 (2 months) Strasbourg, France

Study of a microwave digester on several inorganic materials for further elemental study such as Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
Laurence Serreau (
Microwave-assisted Acid Decomposition, Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
Certified ISO 9001, Accreditation COFRAC 1-0614, SOP devt & improvt



Internship at a Water Pollution Control Public Laboratory (Laboratoire d’analyses de la communauté d’agglomération du Pays de Montbéliard)

June 2010 – August 2010 (3 months) Voujeaucourt, France

Industrial/Urban water from private and public organizations.
Spectrophotometric titration, organic nitrogen quantification by the Kjeldahl method, Ph & conductivity measurements, Automated Distillations
Certified ISO/CEI 17025 Accreditation COFRAC 1-0877, apparatuses calibrations



PhD in Physic-Chemistry, Material
Toward Particle Size Reduction by Spray Flash Evaporation: the case of organic energetic crystals and cocrystals


Master Degree of Material Engineering, physic specialty, nanoscience oriented
at the School of Chemistry, Polymer and Material Science (ECPM engineering school), at the Strasbourg University

Courses in French and English. Starting with general topics such as quantum mechanics, organic and inorganic chemistry and also an initiation of the specializations with analytical chemistry, polymer and material. Then learning material aspect in nanoscience from sol-gel synthesis to deposition methods and characterization techniques.

2009 Admitted and ranked 1695th on « Concours Commun Polytechnique » for chemistry, after 2 years of Preparatory classes in Physics and Chemistry


Passionate of computing, Curious about new technology, understanding the world…
Developer in the team of the Open-source project, Piwigo:
contributor on that project since 2006. Like WordPress a paid hosting using Piwigo has been created, at More than thousands of download each day, around 3 thousands unique visitors per day on the website


(TOEIC 12/2017 950/990)                      Basic:


Material Fullprof, Mercury and CSD suite, VESPA, CasaXPS, Gwyddion …
Engineering/Science Origin, Matlab, Maple, GraphPad Prism, Regressi, Synchronie, Rasmol, ChemOffice …
Office Software LaTeX, MS Office, LibreOffice, Access, Zotero …
Media Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape, Blender, Premiere …
Programming and Code Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, Maple language

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